Insure Your Farm or Ranch

Your farm is a major investment in your life whether your property is a small pleasure farm or an affluent estate.  It is very likely that a Homeowners policy doesn’t cover the risks of owning a farm or ranch. Most Homeowners policies do not cover boarding, breeding, buying or selling alpacas or llamas. A Farm Package policy can bridge the need for both a Homeowners policy and a Commercial Liability policy.

We can custom-tailor a policy that will fit your insurance needs.  Our modular format offers a variety of coverages to choose from.

•    Covers personal liability in the same manner as a homeowners policy
•    Provides replacement cost for your home and personal property
•    Broad and Special coverage is available for barns and outbuildings
•    Replacement cost coverage is available for barns and outbuildings
•    Coverage for farm personal property such as tractors, tack and other farm equipment is available
•    Liability exposures such as boarding and breeding may be covered
•    Coverage of Care, Custody or Control of non-owned alpaca and llamas is available

This is a brief description of the Farmowners coverages offered.  Based on underwriting requirements from each company not all coverages may be available. Please refer to your policy wording for complete details of coverage, conditions and exclusions.

Farm Coverage Offered By Travelers Insurance Company